Lonneke Mechelse

Lonneke Mechelse is a Healthcare Psychologist (BIG), Registered Psychologist NIP Arbeid & Organisatie, Coach (Senior Practitioner, accredited by the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council). She is also an EFT Relationship Therapist (Registered Therapist) and supervisor, affiliated to the LVSC, professional association for professional coaching.

After graduating in psychology (RU Groningen, completed in 1993), Lonneke held various advisory and management positions in government and business, especially in the field of change management. She then increasingly applied her knowledge and experience to client treatment and coaching. Together, Lonneke and her colleagues form the Peptalk team.

Together with the client, we work in a solution-oriented and insightful way so that problems are quickly "unravelled". Characteristic of our working method is a personal, motivating approach, which we combine with solid professional knowledge. Of course, there is room for sadness, but also for laughter whenever possible. As a result, people usually quickly feel at ease with us.

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John Stappers

Coach | EMDR-therapist | 2nd Practice Holder

John has held management positions in the insurance and healthcare sectors. With a track record of 44 years, he has extensive experience in change processes and personal development projects. Clients describe him as warm, intuitive, committed, creative and out-of-the-box thinking.

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Rosanne Schipper

Coach | EMDR-therapist | test-assistent | psychologist in training

Besides being the part-time practice manager, Rosanne is also a part of the counsel team. As an educational assistant and test assistant, Rosanne has extensive experience in working with children. From her broad interest in people, she has taken courses in coaching, EMDR therapy, Positive Psychology, Autism coaching, EFT (tapping) and is studying Psychology at the moment. 


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Marieke Rodewijk

Psychologist (MSc)

Marieke works part-time for Peptalk from her own practice Lente's Coaching. She studied Social and Organisational Psychology at Leiden University and Life Psychology at the Open University. Besides being a psychologist, she is a passionate semi-professional dancer. Whenever possible, she combines psychological care with body-oriented therapy. In particular, Marieke uses ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), EMDR and positive cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Anouk van Marrewijk

Educationalist (orthopedagoog) (MSc)

After completing her teacher's degree, Anouk worked as a teacher in primary education for several years. She obtained her master's degree in remedial education (orthopedagogiek) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Within our team, Anouk works as a therapist for children and (young) adults. She also carries out diagnostic research and advises parents/carers and teachers. She is cheerful, dedicated and, like her colleagues, thinks in terms of possibilities and solutions.

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Lianne Roerdinkholder

Pyschologist (BSc) / Testassistent

Lianne is studying psychology at the universities of Leiden and Utrecht. She hopes to complete her two master's degrees in the foreseeable future. Lianne has a broad interest in the many aspects of psychology, which is why she enjoys her work in our practice so much. She assists in administering tests and gets along remarkably well with children. Like dancing together to a rap with a hyperactive child after a test taking.

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Lianne van Es

Psychologist (MSc)

In addition to being a psychologist, Lianne is also a mindfulness coach. From her own practice Coaching Practice MoeD, she works part-time for Peptalk. Key words that suit her are: sporty, creative, thorough and positive. Lianne has extensive experience in coaching children who struggle more than their peers because of cognitive, mental or emotional problems. Apart from children, she also coaches adults.

Michel van Zeijst

Music and coaching

"Music is more than just notes" is his motto. From his 35 years of experience working with children and adults, Michel knows how essential real contact is to "activate" the other person. Music is a wonderful tool to get in touch with your feelings and change your mindset in the process. Michel has a positive approach, a healthy dose of humour and knows how to challenge and motivate his clients.

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Luna šŸ¾

Hostess | therapy dog

Our labrador Luna is not only an enthusiastic hostess but also an empathetic therapy dog. Always up for social engagement, Luna focuses mainly on getting cuddled, eating, running after her ball, sleeping and philosophising about life.

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Maya šŸ¾

Hostess in training

Whereas Luna is mainly focused on contact with the colleagues and clients in the practice, Maya is mainly interested in cat food, not to mention the croissants in the staff canteen... She is therefore also known by the nickname Swiper.