Psychologist, Couple Therapist or Coach in the Delft region

Are you looking for an enthousiastic, no-nonsense highly qualified Psychologist, Couple Therapist or Coach in the Delft region? A professional who knows how to integrate evidence-based therapy and techniques with a personal approach that works for you? Then Peptalk (practice for psychology and coaching) is the right place for you. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lonneke Mechelse, an English speaking, multi-licensed psychologist and coach, with a track record of over 20 years in (international) business and mental health care.

I have a direct and open style of communicating. Previous commercial and consultancy functions have made me aware of the influence that differences in cultural backgrounds may have. I also took a grade on international cultural differences and I am a co-author of several publications in this field.

Contact me, preferably via e-mail (please include your phone number) and I will contact you for an intake. We will explore what your needs are, and how I can be of assistance. I will also answer any relevant questions you might have about counseling and coaching at Peptalk; the possibilities for reinbursement by your insurance or employer et cetera or other questions you might have considering the counseling or coaching process. Such a preliminary intake takes about 30 minutes. In case during the intake it is clear that you do not want to proceed, there are no obligations or cost whatsoever.

Tel. +31 6 25 26 73 73  (local: 06 25 26 73 73)
Rietveld 45, 2611 LG Delft