Insured care

You don't have contracts with insurance companies, will my treatment be covered?

When you come to us with a referral from your GP for complaints that entitle you to reimbursement under the basic healthcare insurance package, this is insured care.

Peptalk has deliberately chosen not to enter into contracts with health insurers. The insured care we provide is therefore called non-contracted care. We will invoice you (interim) based on the applicable national rates for psychological care and ask you to pay the invoice to us. You can then submit the invoice to your insurer yourself. As it concerns non-contracted care, your health insurer will not reimburse the costs in full (unless in some cases if you have a restitution policy). Besides your 'eigen risico', you also pay a personal contribution per session (the part not reimbursed by the insurer). The percentage reimbursed varies per insurer. So if you want to know how much your insurer will reimburse, please contact your insurer. We always advise you to read the policy conditions carefully beforehand. You will then know exactly what is and what is not insured.

What are the rates for insured care?

Insurers often offer different basic insurance policies, with reimbursement depending on the package a person has chosen and the fees associated with it. So we cannot say how much they reimburse. For that, the client needs to contact the insurer himself.

Since the 1st of January 2022, rates in the GGZ have depended on who provides the service (WO psychologist or GZ psychologist), what that service consists of (intake, diagnostics or treatment) and how much time was spent on it. So the question of how much a course will cost approximately cannot be answered. The NZa has set the following nationally determined hourly rates for 2024:

Treatment by WO psychologist, € 140,14
Diagnostics by WO psychologist, € 159,69
Treatment by GZ psychologist, € 161,46
Diagnostics by GZ-psychologist, € 183,44

The insurer will therefore reimburse either 100% of the above costs (in some cases of restitution) or a percentage.

A treatment trajectory always involves a GZ psychologist, and often also a WO psychologist.