Coaching at Peptalk Delft

Our view on coaching

Coaching is a form of professional counselling for work related or personal issues. It takes place in one-on-one sessions between you and your coach. The counselling focuses on personal development, growth and achieving your goals.

Our goal is to get people to think in terms of possibilities instead of problems. In order to do so, we use effectively proven methodologies and models. You will work on your insights and areas of improvement; you experience options for choices and see your situation from a new perspective. This will allow you to take the next step.

Types of coaching

Our main focuses are:

  • Executive coaching;
  • Coaching of medical professionals;
  • Work related coaching;
  • Neurodiversity coaching;
  • Life phase coaching;
  • Couples counselling.

We explain the different types below:

Executive coaching
Executive coaching involves, directors, shareholders, and senior management. Executives often deal with complex roles, tasks, and interests. Questions may lie in areas such as:
- Personal leadership;
- Strategic processes;
- The influence of personal issues on actions;
- Dealing with different (political) interests;
- Influencing and ethics.

Coaching of medical professionals
Our practice has broad experience in coaching medical specialists (in training) and general practitioners. We are well established in the specific problems medical professionals might experience. Such as high work pressure, high levels of responsibility, aggression in the workplace, tension between colleagues or in the training situation. Coaching has a proven positive effect on achieving personal development goals and helps reduce the risk of impending burn-out and sick leave.

Work related coaching
This involves issues that have a direct or indirect link to work: 
- Career issues;
- Impending sick leave, preventing sick leave and reintegration including burn-out:
- Conflict situations at work;
- Balance between work and personal life;
- Self-reflection and (re)orientation on personal goals.

Neurodiversity coaching
Neurodiversity is considered to be highly giftedness, highly functioning autism, ADHD, and combinations. Neurodiversity results in specific coaching questions such as:
- Dealing with another style of processing information;
- Dealing with balance between under- and overstimulation;
- Identity issues and low self-worth;
- Social interaction and relationship questions;
- Existential questions.

Couples counselling
This involves issues focused on improving relationships. The coaching is focused on questions closely related to who you are as a person, how you connect to other people both personal as work related and in which developmental stage you are at the moment. 
Examples are:
- Breaking patterns, care for attachment fears and needs;
- Guidance through role change and conflict management;
- Guidance with life phase issues and transitions (such as pregnancy and parenthood);
- Existential questions.

Life phase coaching
This concerns issues regarding what you want your life to look like and making choices that are in line with this. What is important for you and what are your core values and talents? 
Examples are:
- Young adults;
- Specific issues during a certain life phase; 
- Dealing with insecurities;
- Existential questions;
_ Who am I/ what do I want/ what makes me happy?

Online coaching

We offer some of the forms of coaching online. If this has your preference, please let us know when you decide to contact us to make an appointment. 

Quality assurance

Our professional coaches have declared that they will always adhere to the International Code of Ethics regarding topics such as integrity, professional and excellent conduct, clear contracting, accountability and confidentiality. 

Fortunately, it has never occurred, but if we should get into a dispute about the way we work with the coaching agreement that we cannot resolve in a conversation, there is a NOBCO complaints procedure that you can turn to as a client. 

Trust is the basis for any coaching relationship and begins with fully transparent agreements about the nature and the scope of the coaching. We therefore work with a model coaching agreement, which includes all agreements in clear terms. We apply clear general conditions to all our coaching assignments. 

At the end of a coaching trajectory, we ask the client to fill in a review form. The results are - of course anonymously- discussed within our team and thus contribute to the monitoring and, wherever possible, further improvement of our quality of work. 

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